Fully integrated solutions

for customers’ procurement


Optimization of fixed asset investment

lowering of operational costs

Professional team

on-time organization of starting of new projects

Logistics infrastructure

organizing by customer’s demand

Storage Outsourcing


Supply chain management

  • Integrated supply of spare parts and consumables to the customers, coordination of the range of goods with the customer, selection of the best manufacturers by price & quality criterion
  • Organization of a storehouse in close proximity to the customer
  • Consignment deliveries (without obligation of picking of the goods) with deferred payment
  • Ensuring availability of goods to the customer in a single day
  • Participation in customer’s inventory management and reducing stock to zero


  • optimization of fixed asset investment;
  • minimizing of inventory stocks investment;
  • focus on qualitative performance of the customer’s own major functions;
  • reduction of manufacturing expenses (human recourses, logistics, warehouse, transport);
  • effective inventory management in all points of presence;
  • on-time organization of starting of new projects;
  • organization of fully-featured logistics infrastructure.


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